Sending your Cover Letter via Email or Fax

Any time you are applying for a job or even sending off your resume to a company, submitting a cover letter along with your additional documents is highly recommended. When you are sending a cover letter, you can do so by turning one to the actual job location while also having the options of emailing or using a fax machine to submit your documents.

Why a Cover Letter is necessary

Having a cover letter shows your professionalism and ability to highlight the skills and experience you have that is relevant to your potential employers. When you use a cover letter, having it properly formatted and including information and buzzwords that appeal to your employers and the companies you want to work for will help you to stand out against other applicants.

Using email

Using email to send a cover letter allows you to send your cover letter nearly instantaneously, without the hassle of having it printed, mailing or even faxing it directly. Emailing a cover letter is also a way to keep track of any cover letters you have sent in the past, making it easy to download the letter itself to make changes for future submissions and applications. There are a few tips and guidelines to adhere to before you send your cover letter using the emailing method.

Cover Letter email When you send an email cover letter, ensure you have the right email address before you hit the "Send" button. It is also essential to proofread your cover letter thoroughly, especially when you are sending a document you formatted yourself. Avoid leaving a subject line blank, as this can confuse employers and may also appear unprofessional. Instead, include the job you are applying for and in some cases, even your full name for better organization and future reference.

Keep your cover letter professional, even if you are typing it out within your email platform. Avoid using emoticons and usernames that are not professional or irrelevant to the position you are trying to obtain. Incorporate keywords that are appealing to potential employers due to their relevance with the positions that are currently available. Research keywords and "buzzwords" to help your email cover letter to stand out, which will prompt potential hiring employers to then open your resume.

Faxing your Cover Letter

One of the pros of sending a cover letter via fax is that is may be taken more seriously by employers who receive both email and incoming faxes regularly. When you send a fax, you are immediately sending a printed copy of your cover letter, resume or the job application along with it.

Faxing your Cover Letter Many companies today use PC-based fax machines, allowing them to receive your faxes from their network connection, rather than a traditional fax machine. Sending a fax to a company that uses a PC-based fax machine allows you to spruce up your cover letter without using the company's ink and toner during the process.

Sending a fax can also be done right from your own computer, using free PC to fax services to upload documents or images that you want to have sent. You can use these services to get confirmation numbers each time you successfully send a fax, so you know where your information is at all times.

Choosing between using a fax service or sending your cover letter via email greatly depends on the job you are applying for and any specific requirements that have been requested from potential employers. Research each company you want to work for in-depth to find the best route of communicating with hiring managers and employers before you submit your cover letter and resume altogether.