Writing a Cover Letter for Government Jobs

Applying for a government job may seem intimidating, but it is possible to obtain the position you want with the right amount of experience, education and by submitting a properly-formatted cover letter and resume. When you are putting together a cover letter for a government job, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get ahead of other candidates who are vying for the same available position. Understanding how to write a cover letter for government jobs is a way to prove your capabilities and to show off your professionalism in any industry.

Always send a Cover Letter

Any time you are interested in a government job, it is essential to send a cover letter, as this is a way to prove you are professionally qualified and fit for the position that is available. When you do not send a cover letter for a government job, you may immediately be looked over and disqualified as a potential employee.

Address the recipient of your Cover Letter properly and professionally

It is always important to properly address the recipient of the cover letter you are sending, especially when you are applying for a government-related job. Ensuring you are addressing the cover letter properly can be done by calling the government building and inquiring about who you should be sending your cover letters to based on the position you are trying to get.

Government Jobs Cover Letter

Include details about the position available

Begin your cover letter by stating your interest in the specific position you want to obtain, including any job reference number you may have been given or found online when you discovered it. The more thorough you are with describing the position you are interested in and qualified for, the easier it is for hiring managers and potential employers to find a suitable fit for you.

State your qualifications and how you meet the position's required criteria

State all of the qualifications you currently hold that meet the position's required criteria. This step is extremely important, as it is absolutely necessary to be thorough about the skills, experience and your professional qualifications that are suitable for the job you are looking to get. When you do not include why you professionally meet the required criteria of a government job, you are almost always disqualified for the next available candidate.

Include relevant achievements, awards and related experience

Once you have made it clear about the type of qualifications you have that fit the required criteria of the government job you want, you should also include relevant achievements, awards and related work experiences that can help contribute to the position you are looking to work in. Keeping your achievements, awards and skills short and sweet is a way to stand out against other individuals who implement lengthy, boring paragraphs.

Conclude with a follow-up request

Add a conclusion to your cover letter including a request for a follow-up, showing you have a genuine interest in the position and that you are dedicated to the job. Use enthusiasm and be sure to maintain a positive attitude and tone when writing about the position you want in order to encourage hiring managers to choose you as a possible fit for the job.

Sign your name

If you are printing the cover letter to mail in or deliver in person, always sign your name below your printed name. Signing your name below your printed name shows professionalism and that you took the time to write out your name for the position you desire.

Inform the hiring manager of an included Resume

If you have a resume that is attached with your cover letter, include the letters "enc" at the bottom of the letter to inform hiring managers there are additional documents enclosed.


Proofread your entire cover letter and resume before submitting it, especially for government-related positions. Hiring managers and employers may find you unprofessional if you have typos and grammatical errors throughout your cover letter, diminishing your chances of being hired. Obtaining a government job is a way for you to advance your career professionally while also boosting your resume significantly. When you create a cover letter for government jobs of any kind, thoroughly reviewing and properly formatting the letter is essential in order to be considered for the positions that are available.