Writing a Customer Service Cover Letter

Getting hired to a position in the customer service industry requires patience and an understanding of how to effectively communicate with customers and clients from all walks of life. Whether you have years of experience when working with customers or if you are just thinking of breaking into the market, knowing how to write a proper customer service cover letter can mean the difference between receiving an interview request or being looked over for the next qualified candidate.

Research the company you want to work For

Customer Service Cover Letter Understanding the principles and various background information for each customer service company you want to work for is a way to impress hiring managers and the employers themselves when your cover letter is being reviewed. Researching each company you want to work for individually will give you a sense of the company's own way of providing customer service, how they view the clients and customers and even how they view each one of their employees.

Referencing specific information about each company you want to work for within your customer service cover letter shows you are genuinely interested in the position and you know about the company itself.

Share your relevant experience and skills in Customer Service

Because you will be working with customers on a daily basis, sharing your relevant experience of being in the field is essential to truly make your cover letter and resume stand out among other applications. Including specific professional traits that are helpful in the customer service industry such as "patient", "communicative" and a "team player" can make you a more desirable employee for customer service hiring managers.

Keep it brief, yet enticing

Create a cover letter that is no more than one page, and keep your relevant skills and work experience brief, yet enticing and interesting. The more creative you are when describing your skill sets and why you are qualified for the available position, the easier it is to be remembered as a candidate who may be right for the job. Be sure to keep your cover letter at one page, and have a friend or colleague review it before submitting it to ensure it is not too lengthy or drawn out with large paragraphs.

Use sample Cover Letters as inspiration

Using sample cover letters as inspiration is highly recommended when you are writing a customer service letter, especially if you are new to the field. Using sample cover letters as your inspiration will give you an idea of proper formatting necessities and the layout you should choose based on the type of job you want to work in. There are hundreds of templates and layouts available to compare cover letter styles online, without having to use the assistance of a professional during the process.

Insert relevant keywords and Customer Service buzzwords

Inserting relevant customer service keywords and buzzwords within your cover letter and resume helps you to stand out against other potential candidates who have also applied for the same job. Using words such as "patient", "caring", "considerate" and even "helpful" shows that you may be the right fit for the position that is available. The more you show that you work well with others, are a team player and that you genuinely enjoy helping your customers and clients, the more appealing you will be professionally to potential employers. Using buzzwords that are relevant in the customer service industry shows you have taken the time to customize your cover letter and resume to fit the job you desire.

Taking the time to fully customize each cover letter you want to use for potential job opportunities in the customer service industry is essential to stand out and to be taken seriously by employers. The more time and effort you put to each of your customer service cover letters, the more likely you are to be selected as the right candidate for the jobs you would like to obtain.