Writing an Internship Cover Letter

Obtaining an internship position with any company or business allows you to gain professional experience in an industry of your choice, ideal if you want to find a full-time position in the future. When you are creating a resume for an internship, utilizing a properly-designed cover letter is highly recommended to increase your appeal to hiring managers and employers personally. Cover letters that are designed well and relevant to the position you desire will help you to receive callbacks and additional interview requests.

Conduct a self-assessment of your own professional skills and experience

Internship Cover Letter Conducting a self-assessment of your professional skills, relevant experience and education will help you to gather your thoughts when adding information and details into your cover letter. Knowing what type of skills you possess that are useful for the position you want is a way to organize your thoughts while creating a first draft of the cover letter you want to use.

Placing your skills and relevant experience in order from most important to least will help you stand out among other individuals who are applying for similar jobs.

Research each employer individually

Researching each employer that you want to obtain an internship position with is a way to properly format your cover letters and resumes to suit the job you desire. The more well-versed you are on the company you want to intern with, the more appealing you can make your cover letter and resume, helping you to stand out against other individuals who are also vying for the internship. Knowing the company's goals and future plans is a way to implement your own relevant skills and objectives on how you plan to improve the flow of the business based on your experience and capabilities.

Proper Formatting

Properly formatting your cover letter for an internship or a paid job is vital if you want to truly stand out against other candidates who are also applying for the same position.

Include your contact details first within your cover letter, such as your name, address, phone number and even an email address where you can be reached. Following your own contact information, adding the contact details of the employer you are interested in working for is highly recommended. The name, address and postcode of the employer you are applying for fits immediately after your personal information.

Include a date and a greeting such as a salutation including the employer's full name, "Mr/Mrs" or even "To Whom it May Concern", depending on how much information you have been given prior to submitting the application.

An introduction paragraph should highlight your relevant skills and why you should be chosen for the job you have in mind. Including secondary body paragraphs can also be beneficial if you have extended experience and education that is relevant to the employer you are submitting the cover letter to for the position.

Once you have created body paragraphs, create a conclusion that thanks the potential hiring manager or employer for their time while also stating your own enthusiasm held for the position you want. Sign your name personally and also print it below your conclusion to create a completely professional cover letter for any internship position.

Review your Cover Letter before submitting your application

One of the biggest necessities when you are submitting a resume and cover letter for an internship position is to review your information in-depth to ensure there are no errors or flaws. Because many internship positions are unpaid yet offer a great deal of professional experience, there may be more applicants looking to get their own foot into the door depending on the industry you want to work in. Reviewing your cover letter and resume, and ensuring it is properly formatted will allow you to feel more confident when submitting your application.

Winning an internship position can be a great opportunity if you want to advance in a specific industry and increase your skills and the amount of experience you have. Any time you are interested in an internship position, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the job's requirements including everyday tasks you will be required to complete. The more knowledgeable you are of the position you have in mind, the more qualified you will appear to potential employers.