Cover Letter Tips

Using cover letter tips will help you to format your own cover letter and resume properly to help with landing any position, even your dream job! Ensuring your cover letter appears professional, is grammatically correct and is formatted properly for the industry you want to work in can greatly increase your chances of being requested for additional interviews or being hired immediately on the spot.

The Importance of Knowing How to Write a Cover Letter

Knowing how to write a cover letter can ultimately help you to save time, especially if you have multiple areas of interest you want to work in. When you have an idea of how you should design and format your cover letter it is much easier to build a professional library of cover letters for various positions that you desire. Eventually, the samples, templates and tips available for cover letters will help you to independently create your own without assistance.

Cover Letter Tips and Tricks

Using cover letter advice is a way for you to ensure you are properly presenting yourself professionally any time you are applying for new jobs or careers, regardless of whether the position is full-time or part-time. Ensuring everything you enter in your cover letter is true, spelled properly and grammatically correct is a way to improve your professional image to potential employers and hiring managers.

Taking the time to review your cover letter or having a colleague review it before printing or sending it in will ensure you have not overlooked simple mistakes. It is also important to research each company you want to work for in order to implement quotes or facts about the company itself if you want to stand out against other individuals vying for the same job.

Use Samples and Templates

Using a cover letter sample and template is highly recommended if you do not have prior professional experience with formatting your own cover letter personally. Samples show how to address employers, use various introductions and give samples of the body sections of cover letters to give you inspiration when writing your own. You can also find cover letter tips simply by browsing through different professional categories. Categorized templates and samples give you even more variety to help you get in to just about any industry you are interested in and qualified for professionally.

Attaching a Cover Letter to Your Resume

Attaching a cover letter to your resume should be done prior to sending the resume, especially as it is the essential introduction to yourself professionally and what you have to offer to potential employers. Cover letters should not include all information and details about your life professionally, as it is the introduction to the actual resume you plan to use itself.
Recommendation Letter Tips

Recommendation Letter Tips

Why are important Reference and Recommendation Letters?
Recommendation letters can give potential employers a way to gain insight into a applicant's background and skills.

An effective, well-written reference letter gives more information than they would obtain by calling the company’s HR department.
Top mistakes to avoid

Top mistakes to Avoid

Take note of these top cover letter mistakes that could diminish all the hard work you put into writing your job application.
Using a Sample of Cover Letter

Benefits of Using Samples

A cover letter sample can be used as guide to create a professional cover letter. However, a sample of cover letter does not need to be followed exactly, you can remove or add whatever you feel is important.
Online Writing Services

Online Writing Services

Online cover letter builders can offer several templates and tools in order to create a professional cover letter.
Attaching it with a Resume

Attaching it with a Resume

It's always important to include a cover letter when you send a resume to apply for a new job. The cover letter should be tailored for the position you're applying for.
Leverage your Personal Brand

Leverage your Personal Brand

Boost yout personal brand through your cover letter. We provide a solid strategy for an effective personal branding that will let you stand out from the crowd.
What Recruiters really look for

What Recruiters Really Look for

If you want to stand out from the crowd, ensure your cover letter meets the requirements of hiring managers. Read here some tips to understand the recruiter's behaviour.
Writing a Letter of Interest

Writing a Letter of Interest

Find here useful info on how to write a powerful letter of interest. We also provide resources and an excellent example of letter of interest.
Application Letter purpose

Application Letter vs Cover Letter

There are some differences between application letters and cover letters. Learn what are these divergences and organize your job application process.
What is a Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest

A letter of interest is normally written to indicate a candidate's interest in a job or an open position.