What is a Letter of Interest?

Finding a job today may seem extremely difficult, even if you feel you are overqualified and extremely educated. However, with a bit of effort and a commitment to obtaining a position you truly desire, landing any job is possible. When you begin hunting for a new job, writing a letter of interest to various companies you are interested in working for is highly recommended. Although a letter of interest can often be compared to a cover letter, it can be sent whether or not there have been job openings within the company recently.

What is a Letter of Interest

The purpose of a Letter of Interest

The purpose of a letter of interest is to inform potential employers that you are seeking new job opportunities while sharing your qualifications and relevant skills that may come in handy with positions the company has to offer. Even if the company does not currently have any open and available positions posted, a letter of interest is still a way to communicate with potential employers. If you are qualified and skilled for the job you express interest in, it can lead to potential future offers and opportunities.

Formatting a Letter of Interest

Taking the time to properly format your letter of interest is a way to boost your professionalism while also showing potential employers that you care enough to do so, even if there are no open positions available at the time. You can find templates of letters of interest and cover letters online to find the look that is right for the job you desire. Whether you want to use a classic paragraph style letter or interest or if you prefer showcasing your skills, experience and education with bullet points, properly formatting your letter will help you stand out from others interested in the company.

Sharing your skills and relevant experience

Sharing your relevant skills and experience that relates to the jobs you are interested in is a way to boost your credibility and professional reputation with potential employers and hiring managers. If you want to work in a team environment, including details about your past work experience with others and how you helped contribute to previous employers helps to generate buzz and interest in yourself.

Including skills and knowledge that can help a specific company grow is a way to appeal to hiring managers, especially when you want to work in an industry in which you are experienced. The more thorough you are with the skills you can provide, the more appealing your letter of interest will be to potential employers.

Include a strong and memorable conclusion

Adding a conclusion to your letter of interest is also extremely important, as this is your chance to request a follow-up and to show just how excited and enthused you are to work for a specific company. Showing off a positive attitude and outlook about the positions that may become available is a way to get yourself out there professionally with more job opportunities in the future.

Sign your name by hand

Once you have completed your letter of interest, printing it out and signing the letter by hand beneath your printed signature is highly recommended. Using a handwritten signature shows potential employers you have taken the time to show you are genuinely interested in their company and you are willing to send a letter of interest even if there are no available positions at the time.

Sending a letter of interest expresses your genuine commitment to the job industry you are most qualified to work in. When you submit a letter of interest to a company, you are more likely to receive a follow-up than if you wait to apply for open positions in the future.