Leverage your Personal Brand with your Cover Letter

Standing out against other individuals who are looking for work when you are job-hunting can be difficult, especially if you are seeking a position in an in-demand field or industry. When you want to truly outshine other potential candidates who are vying for the same job as you, it is essential to leverage your personal brand with your cover letter. Showcasing your personal brand and all you have to offer to a potential employer within your cover letter is a great way to captivate them and generate interest in you professionally. Knowing how to showcase your skills and personal brand will help you to get more offers in any industry you desire to work in.

Leverage your Personal Brand

Keep it short and sweet

When you are writing a cover letter that represents you, avoid lengthy paragraphs that drag on and do not include relevant facts and information. Instead, highlighting your skills, experience and how you are capable of growing the company you want to work for should be done creatively, yet in short and concise sentences. Keeping your cover letters short and sweet will attract more attention and keep potential employers reading more about you, rather than becoming bored and despondent within seconds of viewing your letter.

Get creative with wording

Using a narrative introduction and getting creative with a personalized hook for each employer can help to capture their attention while showing off your own personality. Although it may not be appropriate for each job you apply for, using a bit of humor for a creatively-based position is often welcomed, as long as you are using humor that is relevant to all audiences and never inappropriate. You should also consider the way you describe your skills and experience, rather than using generic words such as "team player" and "hardworking".

Highlighting your personal and professional skills that will contribute to your potential future employer is essential when you want to share your personal brand within your cover letter. Avoid overselling yourself with length paragraphs, but do not leave out valuable information and highlights of your personality that may come in handy with the position you are trying to fill.

Personalize each Cover Letter you submit

In order to truly leverage your personal brand with each cover letter you submit along with your resume, customizing each letter for individual employers is necessary. Personalizing each cover letter you submit with skills and experience that is relevant to the job you are vying for will not only show your interest in the company you want to be hired into, but it will also prove to your employer that you are truly qualified for the position. Using a properly-formatted cover letter will also improve your chances of generating buzz and interest of your potential employers, as this shows you have the capabilities of presenting yourself professionally in any industry.

If you are unsure of how to properly format each cover letter to individually tailor each position you want, there are plenty of guides and free templates for various industries ranging from business-themed cover letters to more creatively-designed looks.

Create a strong closing paragraph

Creating a strong closing paragraph that includes your enthusiasm you have for the opportunity will show potential employers you are truly interested in the job. In order to stay relevant when you want to incorporate your own personal branding into the cover letter, include your social media sites and if the cover letter is sent via email or interactively, you can also add real-time links that can be used directly from the file itself. Inform your potential employer that you intend to follow up, and include phrases such as "I believe", and "I think" to show you are genuinely seeking the position that is being offered.

Leveraging your personal brand with your cover letter is a way to gain more respect professionally from potential hiring managers and employers, especially when you truly have the skills and experience that is being sought after by the company in new employees. There is no shame in showcasing your skills and how you can improve a company you want to work for, as this often shows your dedication to excelling even more in your career, which is appealing to employers.