Importance of Reference and Recommendation Letter

Getting any job you desire requires research, time and effort to appeal to potential employers and hiring managers who you want to find you as the ideal candidate. When you are applying for a new position in any industry, references and recommendation letters can come in handy. Using a reference and recommendation letter can mean the difference between building a credible professional reputation and having your application overlooked to find more qualified candidates.

What does a Letter of Recommendation include?

Recommendation Letter Tips A letter of recommendation includes both, the name of the professional individual who is recommending you as well as your own name. There should also be information regarding where you met the person who is recommending you and the type of work you have done together in the past.

Letters of recommendation and reference letters also include positive traits and qualities you have professionally and a few notes about positive encounters you have experienced with the individual who is writing the letter. The individual who is writing the reference letter or letter of recommendation should also include a phone number and additional contact information to solidify they are endorsing you as a professional, helping to give you more credibility when passing your reference letters on to potential employers.

How to submit a Reference or Recommendation Letter?

Submitting a reference or recommendation letter to potential employers can be done by attaching the actual letters to the resume you choose to send in. The letters of recommendation or references you choose to use for each position should have relevant information regarding your skills that may be required of your new job and the voice of a professional who is also considered credible in the same industry. Submitting your letter of recommendation or references can be done alongside a cover letter and your actual resume, as long as it is not the first document you choose to present when applying for the job you have in mind.

Format of a Recommendation Letter

Recommendation letters include four basic parts: an introduction, context and body paragraphs, the actual recommendation and a closing paragraph. Maintaining this format is a way to appear professional while also keeping all of your reference letters and letters of recommendation streamlined with one another. The more streamlined your letters of recommendation are with one another, the more professional you look to employers who are interested in hiring you.

Each recommendation letter or letter of reference you choose to send off to potential employers should be at most, one full page. The person who is writing the letter should include an introduction of themselves professionally and why they are writing a letter. The body paragraphs of the recommendation can highlight the individual's own work history in the same industry as you and the qualities, skills and experience you have professionally when it comes to working in similar positions.

Including a strong conclusion can help to motivate employers to potentially call you or request further information from you for the available job. The more enticing the conclusion is on how well-suited you are as a professional, the more you will stand out when you send a cover letter, resume and your letters of recommendation.

What to consider when attaching a Reference or a Recommendation Letter

Before you send any letter of recommendation or a reference letter to potential employers, it is essential to consider the individual's relevance with the industry you are trying to work in. If you are applying for a job in the marketing industry, having a professional who works in fashion may not be the best choice. However, using a letter of recommendation from someone with years of experience in marketing, advertising and social media helps to give you the credibility you need in order to be taken seriously as a potential candidate for the available position.

Attaching a reference or a recommendation letter to a resume is a way to show off your professional skills and talents with additional credible professionals in the industry you plan to work in. The more positive references and letters of recommendation that you have to use, the easier it becomes to be taken seriously when you are looking for work in the job market.