What Hiring Managers really look for in your Cover Letter

Any time you are applying for a new job, ensuring you are presenting yourself professionally at all times is essential to increase your chances of being considered a qualified candidate for the position you want. When you are submitting your cover letter and resume to a potential employer, knowing what hiring managers really look for within a cover letter can help you tweak it to become even more appealing and desirable to hire.

What Recruiters really look for

Get specific

Hiring managers seek cover letters that include specific information that pertains to the job that is available or the company that is hiring itself. The more specific you are with each cover letter you create, the more appealing you will be professionally.

Using specific facts and keywords that are relevant to the position you are applying for shows that you have conducted an adequate amount of research and you understand what the company is seeking in its employees.

Relevant work experience, results and skills you have to offer

Tailoring your cover letter for each employer individually will give you a leg up when applying for a highly-competitive job. Add skills, experience and relevant education information to the cover letter you create only if it benefits the company you want to work for and the position you are trying to obtain. Highlighting work experience that is relevant and can benefit the company you want to work for will give you an advantage when hiring managers are reviewing your cover letter before they take a look at your resume. The more skills and experience you have that can contribute to the job you want, the more likely you are to be considered as a potential employee.

Keep it simple and concise

Create a cover letter that is simple and straight to the point. Avoid making a cover letter that is more than one full page or that includes length paragraphs of text. Instead, highlighting your skills in a small paragraph or in bullet lists can help your cover letter to stand out against unappealing letters. Use keywords that are relevant to the position you want or that fit with the company's own motto, slogan and future plans.

Find sample cover letters online to compare your formatting and the amount of text you have used with other cover letters that have been formatted professionally.

Proper formatting and grammar

Properly formatting your cover letter is essential when you want to make a lasting impression on hiring managers and potential employers. Find templates online to compare the various looks available and to possibly download a template that works for you. There are different formatting options based on the type of job you want to work in, whether you are looking to work in a business, marketing or even a creative field. Choosing the right look for your cover letter can mean the difference between being passed over for the next candidate and outshining others.

Additionally, using proper grammar is also extremely important, as it shows you have taken the time to reread and proofread the cover letter and your resume before sending it off. Use an online proofreader or ask a friend to help review your cover letter before you save the final copy.

Enthusiasm and a positive attitude

Showing your enthusiasm and that you have a positive attitude throughout your cover letter is a way to appeal to potential employers, especially when you are applying for an in-demand position. Thanking the hiring manager for his or her time and asking for a follow up shows you have a real interest in the company and contributing to it with the job that is currently available. The more enthusiastic you are about working for a company, the easier it is to generate interest in yourself professionally, even with just a cover letter.

Knowing what hiring managers look for within cover letters is a great way to boost your professionalism whenever you are applying for a new job, regardless of the position you want to obtain or the industry you want to work in. Having a clear understanding of what is acceptable and desirable within cover letters is a way to stand out against other candidates who are also seeking the work you want for yourself.